PT Jurisprudence Assessment Module

TX Jurisprudence Assessment Module (TX JAM)


Beginning on June 1, 2017, individuals applying for a physical therapy license either by examination or endorsement and licensees who are renewing their physical therapy license will be required to take the PT Board's new Texas Jurisprudence Assessment Module (TX JAM)


What is the new TX JAM?

The TX JAM or Jurisprudence Assessment Module is an online and on-demand learning and assessment tool that evaluates knowledge of the Texas Physical Therapy Practice Act and Rules as well as the basis for ethical decision-making and physical therapy related code of ethics and standards for ethical conduct. The tool was developed in partnership with the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (Federation).

Who must take the TX JAM?

Individuals applying for initial PT or PTA licensure in Texas will need to take the TX JAM as a licensure requirement. Current licensees will be required to take the TX JAM prior to renewing either their PT or PTA license, as well as individuals who are restoring their TX PT or PTA license.

When will the TX JAM requirement go into effect?

On or after June 1, 2017, new applicants and licensees who are renewing will be required to take the TX JAM.

Will there still be a requirement to take an approved ethics/professional responsibility course for renewal?

No, the TX Jam will replace both the current Jurisprudence (JP) Exam and the ethics/professional responsibility requirement for individuals renewing either their PT or PTA license.

Can the TX JAM be used as part of the continuing competence requirement for renewal?

Yes, the TX JAM has been assigned a value of two (2) continuing competence units (CCUs) and will be required for PTs and PTAs renewing or restoring their license.

What if an approved ethics/professional responsibility course has already been completed?

An approved ethics/professional responsibility course that has already been taken within the renewal period can be counted toward the total number of required CCUs.

How many items are on the TX JAM?

There are a total of seventy-five (75) multiple choice items on the TX JAM. 3/15/2017

Is there a time limit for taking the TX JAM?

Yes, there is a two (2) hour time limit for completing the TX JAM.

What is the passing score on the TX JAM?

The passing score on the TX JAM is 60 out of 75 correct answers or 80%.

Will resource documents be available for reference when taking the TX JAM?

Yes, access to the TX PT Practice Act and Rules; APTA’s Code of Ethics for the Physical Therapist and Guide for Professional Conduct; and Guide for Conduct of the Physical Therapist Assistant and Standards of Ethical Conduct for the Physical Therapist Assistant; as well as Fundamental Ethical Principles and Ethical Decision-Making Models will be available prior to and during the TX JAM.

What happens if an item is answered incorrectly?

If an item is answered incorrectly the first time, a link to the appropriate references within the TX JAM will be provided. If the item is answered incorrectly a second time, the correct answer and the rationale will be displayed, and the item will be marked as incorrect.

How are the scores for the TX JAM reported?

A detailed score report indicating PASS or FAIL, the total number and percentage of questions answered correctly, as well as the number and percentage of questions answered correctly in each content area will be available immediately after completion of the TX JAM. Scores will also be reported directly to the PT Board.

What if a passing score is not achieved?

There is no limit to the number of times for taking the TX JAM to achieve a passing score. An additional registration fee will be assessed each time a licensee attempts the TX JAM for renewal or restoration purposes.

How is the TX JAM accessed?

There will be several links from the PT Board’s website that will connect to the TX JAM page on the Federation’s website where registration and access will occur.

What is the cost for taking the TX JAM?

There is no cost to applicants who are applying for their initial PT or PTA license in TX. Cost to individuals who are renewing or restoring their PT or PTA license is $48.00. A 1.6% processing fee, rounded to the nearest dollar, will apply. Payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard, or Discover at the time of registration.

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