Inactive and Retired Status

CE Amendments effective 6/1/2024
See the Continuing Education and OT Act and Rules pages for further information regarding the amendments. When selecting CE activities completed on or after June 1, 2024, refer to the requirements in the current Chapter 367, Continuing Education, of the OT Rules, which took effect June 1, 2024. 

CE Requirement, effective 9/1/2020 – HHSC-Approved Training Course each renewal period on the Prevention of Human Trafficking
See the Human Trafficking Training tab on the Continuing Education page.

Fingerprinting Requirement for Renewal, effective 1/1/2019 
Please see the announcement on the homepage for further information about and instructions for completing this requirement.
The agency’s Service Code must be used when scheduling/registering for fingerprinting. See the fingerprinting instructions for further instructions.  
Approximately three months prior to their license’s expiration date, licensees may access the agency’s Service Code from emailed renewal reminder(s) from the Board. Licensees needing further assistance accessing the Service Code may send an email to to request the code.
A licensee is not required to submit fingerprints if the licensee has previously submitted fingerprints for and satisfied the fingerprinting requirement under one of the following:
   Chapter 364 of the OT Rules (relating to Requirements for Licensure) for the initial issuance of the license;
   Chapter 370 of the OT Rules (relating to License Renewal) as part of a prior license renewal (including license restoration); or
   Chapter 371 of the OT Rules (relating to Inactive and Retired Status) as part of a prior license renewal or change of license status.
A licensee is also not required to submit fingerprints to initiate inactive status or renew inactive status. 
In addition, note that an application to initiate or renew retired status will not be processed until the fingerprinting requirement has been completed.
Refer to §371.1- §371.2 in the OT Rules for the current information on inactive or retired status, in addition to Chapter 370, License Renewal. The change of status to inactive or retired may be made only at the time of renewal, but the CE requirement must be satisfied before this move. It is not an option for those who have not completed the continuing education. This move may not be completed online.