The most reliable way to verify the status of a license is through online verification at this website.  

ECPTOTE updates the information on the website every business day. Issuance and renewal of licenses will appear on the website by the end of the next business day. ECPTOTE observes federal and state holidays.

ECPTOTE certifies that it maintains the information for the licensure function of this website, and considers the website to be a secure, primary source for individual license verification.   For questions regarding the use of this site or data, or for further information regarding any license, contact the Executive Council at 512/305-6900 or

To Find Disciplinary Actions: Look up a licensee and if he or she has been the subject of a Board Disciplinary Action there will be a date entered following the words: Last Disciplinary Action.  Click on the date to view a copy of the scanned Board Order.