Order Data Products

Mailing lists for licensees, as well as printed copies of the OT and PT Acts and Rules, may be purchased from the Executive Council. Click on the link below for descriptions, prices, and the order form. All purchases must be paid for by check or money order when the request is made. Acts and Rules may be ordered or may be downloaded from the website for free. If you order them, we will download and print them for you.

Data Products Order Form

The form is a fillable PDF and responses may be completed on certain electronic devices, such as a computer. Responses may be typed, handwritten, or completed with a combination of typed and handwritten responses in the designated fields. Only a certain number of characters may fit in a field when typing; ensure your complete response is included.

Please note that as of 9/1/2019, lists concerning facilities will no longer be available as OT Board and PT Board facility registration for occupational therapy facilities and physical therapy facilities, respectively, is no longer required due to changes to the OT Practice Act and PT Practice Act that took effect that day.