OT Forms

Faxes not accepted. 

Make out checks to ECPTOTE and mail to: ECPTOTE, 1801 Congress Ave Ste 10.900, Austin, TX 78701.

Note: Changes that went into effect June 1, 2019 removed certain requirements for OTAs with a regular license, including removing the requirement that OTAs with a regular license maintain a supervision log and that they submit the OTA supervision form and information regarding changes in supervisor. Refer to a related link under “Additional Resources” from the OT Act and Rules page for further information.

Some of the PDF forms below are fillable PDFs and responses may be completed on certain electronic devices, such as a computer. Responses may be typed, handwritten, or completed with a combination of typed and handwritten responses in the designated fields; however, these forms may not be electronically signed or dated. Note that the Board cannot provide any technical assistance regarding the fillable elements of these forms. Refer to the forms for further information, including how to submit them. 

OT CE Submission Form (pdf/fillable form)

Change Your Contact Info 

Consumer Information Sign (pdf)

Employment History (pdf)

Independent Study (pdf): Optional form that may be used by those completing an independent study for CE

Mentorship Agreement (pdf): Optional form that may be used by those completing a mentorship experience for CE

Military, Military Spouses, Veterans Initial Licensure Fee Waiver (pdf)

OT/OTA Application for Initial Licensure (pdf/fillable form) 

OT/OTA License Renewal Form (pdf/fillable form)

OT/OTA Retired Status Application/Renewal Form (pdf/fillable form)

Re-Exam Form (pdf)

Replace a License (includes with Name Change) – Select the “Replace a License” link from the Looking For? menu

Restoration of an OT/OTA License Form (pdf)

SSN Statement (pdf)

Temporary OTA Licensee Supervision Log (pdf) To be used by temporary OTA licensees only

Temporary Occupational Therapist Licensee Supervision Record (pdf): To be used by temporary OT licensees only

Temporary OT/OTA License Supervision Form (pdf): To be used by temporary licensees or those applying for a temporary license