Please note that some individuals have reported experiencing issues when submitting their JP exam. Licensees who are renewing are encouraged to take the exam as soon as possible and not wait until the last minute. Should you experience issues when taking the exam, please contact our office. Staff may ask you to provide a screenshot showing the IP address you used (in IPv4 format) and the time of the exam; in some cases, such may be useful in resolving the issue. Please note that updating your browser and restarting your computer, clearing the cache, and/or trying on a different device connected to the internet in a different manner (ex: using a smartphone on data, rather than a computer on Wi-Fi) may address such issues for some users. Users who previously experienced issues and/or users, in general, are encouraged to try taking the exam on a smartphone, on data (not Wi-Fi). Further tips regarding taking the exam are available from the Renew Online tab on the License Renewal page and from the OT Application page. Licensees, please remember that your license must display on our license verification page as current and unexpired in order to provide services.


Important!  Read Before Taking the Exam!

Individuals using Internet Explorer as their browser may experience problems when taking the exam, especially if using an older version of Internet Explorer. Individuals may be more successful using Google Chrome, for example, as an alternative to Internet Explorer.

Note before taking the exam: If you do not interact with the exam page by either advancing to the next exam question or returning to a previous question at least every approximately 24 minutes, the exam page will time out and you will need to restart the exam. It is recommended to take the exam in one sitting to reduce technical difficulties. Please also note that the exam (which is a 20-question exam) will also time out after approximately 3 hours. 

Take the OT Application Jurisprudence Exam if you are:

          – a new applicant,

          – renewing on time by a paper application,

          – renewing late,

          – a Restoration applicant, or

          – renewing or initiating Inactive or Retired Status

If you are renewing your license online, Report your CE and Take the Jurisprudence Exam.

Further Resources:

OT Application – Instructions

OT License Renewal – Instructions