Physical Therapy License Verification


This list contains all permanent licenses issued by the Board.  Results may include expired or voided licenses, and temporary licenses for applicants who did not get permanent licenses.  Please review your results carefully.

A name search can be first or last name, or partial spellings.  For example, you can search by last name “Smith” or first name “Barbara” or a combination, first name “B” and last name “Smith” etc.

*For the Last Name and DOB search, you must search with BOTH the last last name and the Date of Birth (DOB).  Dates must be entered in MM/DD/YYYY format.  

To print a Statement of Licensure certificate or Wallet Card for a Current Active or Retired Status License, use the Last Name and DOB search from the tab below.

Licensees are not required to carry or display a renewal certificate or wallet card. An optional, informal wallet card may be printed from the Last Name/DOB search results page by licensees who wish to carry a card.  If a card does not print properly due to browser, platform or printer issues, the agency is not able to provide technical support.

Effective January 2, 2019, the PT Compact Commission will begin issuing compact privileges for Texas. If you are unable to find verification of a licensee, the PT or PTA may hold a compact privilege in Texas. To verify compact privilege status, please go to

The most reliable way to verify the status of a license is through online verification at this website.

ECPTOTE certifies that it maintains the information for the licensure verification function of this website, and considers the website to be a secure, primary source for individual license verification. ECPTOTE updates the information on the website every business day. For questions regarding the use of this site or data, or for further information regarding any license, contact the Executive Council at 512-305-6900 or