Applying for Re-examination

  • If you fail the national exam, you may submit a reexamination form and a re-exam processing fee of $25.00 to retake the exam if your application has not expired.
  • If your original license application is older than one year, you must pay the regular application fee instead of the re-exam fee. 
  • If your application expires before you take the exam again, you will have to pay a new application fee to make your application current. Your application must be current for us to approve you to take the exam or to be issued a license.
  • If you have a Temporary License and you fail the exam, you must return the license to the Board. You may not practice again until you pass the exam. The Board does not issue second Temporary Licenses or extend them.
  • You may only take the exam three times in a 12-month period.  Contact the FSBPT to check your eligibility for scheduling an exam.
  • There is a lifetime limit of six (6) takes for each exam (PT and PTA), and a low score limit of two (2) very low scores of 400 or less. (Information on the appeals process is availabe at

Before Taking the Exam Again

The Board recommends that you identify the areas that you need to study and develop a study plan to improve your performance on the exam. Suggestions for study include:

  • Your Exam Performance Feedback report available from the FSBPT.
  • A commercial exam review course.
  • Tutorial hours of study.
  • Continuing education courses.